Influenza A&B Antigen Rapid Test Kit 25 Tests/kit Box Per Box

Product Introduction:
The Influenza A&B Antigen Rapid Test Kit is a highly efficient diagnostic tool designed for the qualitative detection of influenza A and B virus antigens. Utilizing human nasopharyngeal or oropharyngeal swab samples, this rapid test kit ensures swift and accurate results, aiding in the timely identification of influenza infections. As part of a comprehensive range of IVD Rapid Test Kits, it falls within the category of Point-of-Care Testing (POCT), providing convenient and accessible testing options for various healthcare settings. The kit is compatible with different IVD Analyzers, including Fluorescence Immunoassay Analyzers, Dry Biochemical Analyzers, and Portable Analyzers. With support for both qualitative and quantitative assessments, it offers versatility for a range of diagnostic needs, reinforcing its role in advancing Rapid Diagnostic Test Kits and contributing to improved healthcare outcomes.

Our Advantages:
  • 10 min Rapid Test
  • Convenient: One single sample for both Influenza A and Influenza B tests
  • Easy to operate: Explicit result interpretation requiring no equipment
  • Economic: Storage at room temperature
  • Stable: Self-supplied core bio-active materials


Order Information
  1. Product: Influenza A&B Antigen Rapid Test Kit (Immunochromatographic Assay)
  2. Cat. No: B025C-01, B025C-05, B025C-25
  3. Specification: 1 Test/Kit, 5 Tests/Kit, 25 Tests/Kit
  4. Specimen: Nasopharyngeal/Swab/Oroparyngealswab
  5. Shelf life: 24 months
  6. Trasportation & Storage temperature: 2-30ºC (36-86ºF)


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